Biggest Lingerie Bloopers!

Published: 26th September 2008
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The most embarrassing moment - when you doll up for an occasion, wearing nice shoes, good perfume, slinky eveningwear and just from nowhere a nasty girl passes a comment, "Watch out your black underwear sweety". You instantly feel like beating the living daylights out of her. It is not her mistake, though. Since absolute style check involves a good lingerie taste too. So, unless you are in a mood to surprise everybody around you, consider these world's biggest lingerie bloopers and develop a teasing lingerie sense.

Wearing a black thong or undergarment under a classic white dress is the biggest lingerie blunder, unless of course you want to leave nothing to imagination. Never experiment with a thick seamed bra or underwear under body-hugging clothes. Otherwise, don't blame on the tongues wagging about your eerie lingerie sense.

Don't go for the large-sized erotic underwear, thinking your well-defined curves can carry them nicely.

Every single lingerie piece doesn't necessarily have to be in the hues of blue, maroon and other bold colors. Some nude pastel shades are must-haves in the lingerie drawer.Donning a nice sheer shirt or bikini tops without a bra must have quintessential nipple covers to veil the assets, if you want to save yourself from a wardrobe malfunction.

For sexy lingerie enthusiasts, matching bra straps with a trendy spaghetti dress or top are inevitable.

Apart from regular, basic underclothes, add a dash of style to your lingerie drawer with some lacy, chic and sexy items to be worn as outerwear. Also have few girly prints in vivacious colours for an ultimate diva look.

Never ever forcibly fit yourself in a smaller lingerie set, for it was available on sale, it was the last available size or the outfit was stunning.

Buying expensive lingerie wouldn't make a big dent into your pocket; so instead of compromising on swanky design and fit, spare a penny higher on quality brands and visit

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